5 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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If you want to help prevent climate change and its effects on the planet, you’ll want to reduce your carbon footprint. However, it can be hard to know where to start or how to fit the challenge around your other commitments. But there are all sorts of simple ways you can help, even with a busy lifestyle, and every step will help. Here are five steps to start you off:

Leave your car at home

If you’re using your car daily or going on long road trips, it’s time to find an alternative arrangement. Walk to your destination whenever possible, or invest in a pushbike and cycle to and fro. Using public transport is also preferable to driving, as you’ll be supporting a shared system, reducing overall fuel consumption. An electric car might be another option for you, depending on cost and other factors.

Cycling is a great option when leaving your car at home

Minimize your airplane journeys

Airplanes guzzle vast amounts of fuel, releasing corresponding quantities of carbon into the atmosphere, so it makes sense to fly less and support eco-friendly alternatives instead.  Of course, air travel plays a key role in international communication and there may be occasions when you have no option but to take a flight. But there are many alternatives to consider first, such as changing your travel mode or destination, and, for meetings, connecting online instead.

Buy environment-friendly products

When you shop, look out for eco-friendly products, such as ones that have been made from recyclable materials. You can buy recycled clothing, fabrics, stationery materials, and many other types of products. Keep an eye out for products or product packaging that you can recycle yourself after use. There may be a sign or message on the item, informing you that it’s recyclable, or you may be able to tell from the materials. Non-perishable items should last a good while with careful use, so try to preserve and use your possessions for as long as possible to minimize replacement purchases.

Trees are vital to carbon levels

Plant a tree

Trees play a vital role in sustaining carbon levels, so every tree you can plant will help. You can avoid the cost of a purchased sapling by taking cuttings from a mature tree. If you plant several of these, chances are at least one of them will take, especially with good soil and plenty of light. If you don’t have a suitable space yourself, consider alternatives, such as commons and wasteland. If these are not an option, a friend or relative might be happy to accommodate a sapling or cutting in their yard for this important cause. You can also grow a tree from a seed, so if you’re munching an apple while out and about, drop the pips on a patch of common ground and gently bed them in.

Use an alternative energy supply 

Depending on where you live, you may be able to arrange an environment-friendly electricity supply. Check out alternative options, such as wind and solar power, and see what’s available for your home. Green energy is a fast-growing enterprise with competitive pricing, so you could even save money by switching to one of these suppliers.

There are many other ways to control your carbon footprint, so browse associated websites and articles for more ideas. You might also like to join an interest group and work with others on larger-scale projects. Whatever steps you take, you’ll be helping to save the world and its treasures.

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