5 Business Benefits of Shredding Documents

Sarah Soliz Uncategorized

Even in the age of the internet and cloud storage, paper is still at the heart of many offices. Even if you do your part to reduce printing and email documents instead, you can still end up with a mountain of paper at the end of each workday.

You may not be able to stop that mountain of paperwork from appearing, but you do have control over what happens next. It may be easy to simply toss those unwanted documents in the trash, but shredding them carries a host of benefits for your business. Here are five reasons you should use a document shredding service for all your office paper.

1. Easier for your employees

It is unfair to ask rank-and-file employees to decide which documents are sensitive and which can be trashed. Setting up shredding containers throughout the office eliminates this dilemma by putting all office paper in the bin.

2. Meeting compliance requirements

From finance to healthcare, many industries are required to safeguard their sensitive documents. Shredding documents helps your business stay compliant, so you can avoid harsh penalties and fines. 

3. Protection from corporate espionage

Even in the age of the internet, lots of corporate spies operate the old fashioned way. Shredding documents can stop these snoops at the source, so your secrets stay safe and your proprietary information stays in house.

4. Easier recycling

It can be easier and cheaper to recycle shredded paper, and all that recycling is good for the environment. If you want to do your part to help the earth, start by shredding your documents.

5. Convenience for you

When you partner with a document shredding company, you can say goodbye to overflowing trash cans and Dumpsters. The shredding company takes care of everything, from emptying the bins to hauling the finished product away.

Whether you want to do your part for the environment, safeguard the reputation of your company or protect that data with which you have been entrusted, document shredding can provide all of these benefits and many more. If you are not yet shredding your documents, every day you wait is one more day your business is at risk.