Maintaining Business Focus in an Ever-Noisy World

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If you’ve ever watched athletes line up on the track before a 100-yard sprint, you’ll notice the level of focus on their faces. The stadium could be packed to the brim, noise blaring from all corners, but each runner’s attention is squarely on the track ahead. That’s the same approach you ought to employ when running your business. As a …

Writing an Effective Business Plan

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Writing a business plan can be difficult, but you shouldn’t let the difficulty put you off doing it. A business plan is a detailed road map that can help steer your company to greatness. It can indicate whether or not the financial numbers add up. It can show you where to put your efforts for maximal effect. It can even …

Keeping Your Business Data Digitally Safe and Secure with New Tips

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Businesses have a priority to safeguard their data. They advise employees to not share information and keep up to date with the latest security software. However, not every guideline works as effectively today as they did in the past. With hackers increasing their sophistication, safety measures need to be upgraded. The same can be said with security advice. A couple …

Creating Valuable and Mutually Trusting Partnerships in Business

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When starting a business partnership, it is important that you have an effective conversation with potential partners. A good relationship is based on creating value for both sides. You need to make sure that your goals and objectives are clear to them. If you fail to do so, you are likely to face many misunderstandings in the future. One of …

The Truth About IP Addresses File Pro Services

The Truth About IP Addresses

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Every device that accesses the internet has a unique IP address; the identifier that is needed to transfer data back to the correct user. However, in an age of ever-increasing concern about online security, many advocate the use of a proxy server or a VPN to increase anonymity. But is this wise, and what information can your IP address provide? …

The shocking crime of child identity theft!

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  Has your toddler been getting preapproved credit card offers in the mail? IRS notices? Calls from collection agencies? If so, they’re the victim of child identity theft, a troubling crime in which the offender exploits your child’s social security number to commit fraud. Because a child’s SSN is a blank slate, the perpetrator can easily take out loans, apply …

5 Business Benefits of Shredding Documents

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Even in the age of the internet and cloud storage, paper is still at the heart of many offices. Even if you do your part to reduce printing and email documents instead, you can still end up with a mountain of paper at the end of each workday. You may not be able to stop that mountain of paperwork from …

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Project Managing in Chaos: Document Management

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Managing project documentation demands a measure of discipline. Some team members may adhere to your structure and others may not do so. Not everyone shares the same respect for order. Follow these tips to encourage respect for your processes. First, mandate that all project details get documented, even just in notes. For example, you can create a SharePoint folder for …

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File Pro Services- Getting to Grips with the Household Paperwork – on a Budget

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File Pro Services- Getting to Grips with the Household Paperwork – on a Budget We are all knee-deep in paperwork these days, despite being promised years ago that the paperless era was on its way. The advent of the personal computer was being cited as the way forward; we would be able to scan and store all our documents, and never …