5 Benefits of Decluttering for the Small Business Owner

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The decluttering trend has gained traction among homeowners, leading many to downsize their lives and their possessions. But the advantages of decluttering go far beyond the four walls of your home – if you own a small business, you might want to take the lessons you have learned and bring them to the office. Decluttering at your desk has many …

Why Secure Deletion Software Isn’t a Comprehensive Media Destruction Solution

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Every business needs a standardized process for media destruction. Many managers assume that secure erasure software offers a cost-effective means of protecting sensitive data — and for individual files, that’s mostly true. Software can overwrite data on a bit level, permanently preventing data recovery.  But while secure file deletion software certainly plays an important role in data security, physical media …

The Truth About IP Addresses File Pro Services

The Truth About IP Addresses

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Every device that accesses the internet has a unique IP address; the identifier that is needed to transfer data back to the correct user. However, in an age of ever-increasing concern about online security, many advocate the use of a proxy server or a VPN to increase anonymity. But is this wise, and what information can your IP address provide? …