5 Benefits of Decluttering for the Small Business Owner

Sarah Soliz Uncategorized

The decluttering trend has gained traction among homeowners, leading many to downsize their lives and their possessions. But the advantages of decluttering go far beyond the four walls of your home – if you own a small business, you might want to take the lessons you have learned and bring them to the office.

Decluttering at your desk has many important benefits, from lower costs to simpler management. Here are just some of the advantages you can gain when you lose all the office clutter.

#1. Lower Storage Costs

The cost of storing excess documentation can be really high, especially if your storage needs outstrip your available office space. When that happens, you may be forced to rent a storage locker to keep documentation you rarely use.

By decluttering your office and setting a deadline for what you keep, you can lower your storage costs substantially. Instead of paying rent on a storage locker, you can use the extra cash to expand your business, hire new workers, and beef up your marketing campaigns.

#2. Easier Retrieval of Documents

Just about every small business owner has struggled to find the documentation they need, tearing through the office in search of that elusive paperwork. The more stuff you have in the office, the harder it is to find the documents you need.

This needle in a haystack problem is a common one for small business owners, but some strategic decluttering could help you overcome it. The less you keep, the easier it will be to find those critical documents when you need them.

#3. Enhanced Data Security

Identity thieves cannot steal what is not there, and downsizing your documentation can greatly enhance the security of your business documentation. While many business owners focus their resources on cyber security and locking down the company network, there are other, more insidious, threats.

By reducing the number of documents you retain and routinely shredding and discarding old documents, you can enhance the security of your physical infrastructure, locking the doors on the bad guys and keeping your customers protected.

#4. A More Beautiful (and Impressive) Working Environment

If you are hiding boxes and shoving old paperwork under the desk when clients come calling, your office could probably use some downsizing. No one likes to look at clutter, and a clutter-free office could help you impress your visitors and your clients.

A cleaner workspace will also be more attractive to your employees, and a beautiful environment could even make recruiting qualified workers easier. You may even find that you and your staff are more productive in your new clutter-free office space.

#5. Enforcement of Better Time Management Skills

Poor time management is a productivity killer and a blow to the bottom line. When your office is filled with extraneous documentation, your time management skills can suffer as you search for paperwork or make your way through overloaded file folders.

By decluttering your office and discarding old documentation on a regular basis, you enforce better time management, forcing yourself to make the most of your time. This simple strategy can help you be more productive, and help your business be more profitable.

Downsizing and decluttering are not just for homeowners. The same concepts that make decluttering the home so attractive bring value to the office as well. Once you start down the decluttering road, you may be surprised at the difference it makes, not only in your working environment but on the bottom line as well.

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